How can we improve outcomes for weight loss in people at-risk of and with diabetes?


In terms of diabetes management, weight loss is the most consistent nutrition-related determinant of positive outcomes and should be considered a primary strategy. Traditionally, the diet recommended for weight loss is the healthy eating approach – a plant-based diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and wholegrain and which is reduced in fat (especially saturated fat), sugar and salt.

There is emerging evidence that other strategies, including low carbohydrate diets, Mediterranean diets, meal replacements and very low calories diets are as effective as healthy eating. In addition, behavioural strategies improve outcomes and there appears to be a growing need for more flexibility in the approaches used for giving dietary advice.

How can we improve outcomes for weight loss in people at-risk of and with diabetes?


its really wonderful and good topic. As soon as diagnosed with diabetes and what are the steps for weight loss, Present generation most of them are addicted with Junk food and with high carbohydrate and which contains fat and high cholestrol. First we need to maitain proper diet and on time. Most of the times they will not take food on time and they will take at large quantity of food at a time. This creates obesity. We need to plan for healthy food and as prescribed by dieticians for diabetics they need to food gradually which contain protiens and antoxidants like fruits and nuts. They can take lot of liquid like juice extract from vegtables like carrot, beet root, and fruits.

More number of people they skip breakfast, but its not good for specifically diabetics, they need to have their breakfast. And timely food. We suggest leafy vegetables like spinach, asparagus, Aloevera and etc.